About Me


I am Tarun, from North India but working very far from hometown due to job as a professional. Bachatxpert is a blog chronicling my savings journey, the various options & analysis followed over the years in savings, investments and knowledge gathered over the years which wanted to share with all.

As it is said ‘small drops make an ocean’, I also try to squeeze in as much small savings through wallet cashbacks, price comparisons, credit card reward points & related offers, loyalty programs and utilizing all those savings accumulated and then investing with the belief of creating a small enough pool to create financial independence…

I may be spendthrift but love to enjoy deals and having fancy things at significantly reduced prices or sometimes freeeee…

Started this journey in 2018 when moved out of hometown & with expenses significantly increased, there was no option but to learn the various hacks to increase ‘Bachat’ and enjoy the savings. These small savings helped me finance my trip to Thailand (just before covid), helps me find air tickets at fraction of value, buy branded clothes / stuff at very low prices and many more small joys of life.

In parallel, I am using these savings to invest in various options to give high yield options helping me increase my savings giving me relatively good after-tax returns in a risk free manner. I continue to improve my financial knowledge and find safer options to give high returns for me to able to save enough to go back to my hometown one day.

This site will help you find:

  • Reviews of credit cards I use or come across, best options to utilize credit cards and related features
  • Fintech wallets, UPI and offers and best strategies to use them
  • Various other reward programs from different brands and associated benefits

If you want to find ways to save money and in parallel enjoy small joys of life without compromising, then this is the site to visit and learn various strategies.

Keep following the site and within 6 months, you would have learned new ways of savings through jugaad, and also increased your bank balance by few small drops 😊