Axis Bank Vistara Credit Cards – First Year Free Offer

If you have been thinking of getting any variant of an Axis Bank Vistara Credit Card, now is a great time to apply.

Reason – On reaching a threshold spending within 90 days of card approval, you are eligible for first year fee waiver. This threshold limit will depend upon the card variant which I mention below.

Axis Vistara Credit Cards

Axis Vistara Credit cards are co-branded credit cards issued by Axis bank in partnership with Vistara. Here you will receive Club Vistara (CV) points (Air miles) which you can redeem for free flights by paying a nominal fee.

So, if a Bangalore Chandigarh flight is priced Rs 9000, you can buy an economy ticket at 6000 CV points plus a nominal fee (approx Rs 1000). The CV points requirement varies between destination to destination and the ticket prices and miles requirements also varies if you travel by economy, premium economy or business class.

You can check how much miles you need to your place of choice by checking on Vistara Redemption Award Calculator and entering Origin and Destination.

First Year Free Offer on Axis Vistara Credit Cards

You get a joining fee waiver (or reversal) if you achieve threshold spends

Your card variantExisting Welcome BenefitCV Miles/ Rs 200 SpentRequisite spends within a 90-day periodJoining Fee Waiver Benefit
Axis Bank Vistara Platinum Credit CardComplimentary Economy Ticket + Club Vistara Base Membership2INR 30,000INR 1,500
Axis Bank Vistara Signature Credit CardComplimentary Premium Economy Ticket + Club Vistara Silver Membership4INR 60,000INR 3,000
Axis Bank Vistara Infinite Credit CardComplimentary Business Class Ticket + Club Vistara Gold Membership6INR 1,20,000INR 10,000

To know more about the benefits of various Club Vistara tiers – Base, Silver and Gold, please click here.

Important Points to note:

  • It should be a new application (not an upgrade on an existing Axis Credit Card)
  • Anyone joining during the offer period i.e. before 31st Dec 2022 from now, will be eligible for the fee reversal on achieving spend thresholds within 90 days
  • Once you receive an award ticket, you can use it within max 9 months time window. From receiving, you can issue within 6 months and after issuing you need to use within next 3 months for booking.

Why Having a Vistara membership will be beneficial

Air India has been acquired by Tatas who already are owners of Vistara airlines and with the combined synergies with all the Tata airlines, I expect it to be a leading airline in future with routes to lot of cities and these CV points would be significantly useful at that time.
Singapore airlines is an owner of Vistara airlines and they are expected to be a shareholder in the new entity which means some additional current benefits for Air Vistara members to continue on Singapore Airlines as well.
Also, Air India is already a star alliance member and these CV points could also help you with international travel but these scenarios are expected to play out in future and won’t reflect immediately.

In case you just want to try out Air Vistara membership first, you can use my Air Vistara referral code (148780715) as well and then decide to apply for new card. You also will get welcome 500 CV points on first successful flight.

My Own Plan

After Covid, the ticket prices have significantly increased which means its very difficult to get tickets at cheaper prices even if booked bit earlier and in these cases, these tickets from CV points may come in handy.

On personal note, I have applied (and hope for approval) for the Axis Bank Vistara Signature Credit Card considering the below:

  • Silver Tier membership has its own benefits
  • Joining fee is not very high
    • On renewals as well, 3000+GST annual fee will mean a higher value ticket saving some money
  • I get 3 tickets at 4.5 Lacs spends versus 7.5 Lacs for Infinite (and 6 Lacs for Platinum) beyond the renewal ticket
  • Already travel business class seats on official purposes, so no craze for Business class at least on domestic travel

Going for Infinite card would also be great since you get a Business class ticket for free as well.

You can decide to go for any of the 3 variants depending upon your spend pattern and flying patterns. other variants of this card as well depending upon your spending patterns.

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