Amex India Feb 2023 Spends Based Offers

American Express India has been on a roll since the ban on new card applications was lifted and bringing new offers. This time Amex has come out with spend based offers.

As with all offers from American Express, you need to enroll for this offer as well.

These offers may be different ones for each since these are targetted offers.

Offer Details

I have got the below targetted offer

Offer reward rateGet Rs 2000 Amazon / Flipkart voucher on Spends of Rs 50000
Normal PointsAs normal, 1 MR Points/ Rs 50 spent
Reward RateAdditional 4%
Double Dip PossibleYes
Minimum SpendsRs 50,000
Spends categoryAll spends
Voucher receiptBy 15th August’2023
How to availEnrollment required (to be recd on mail for respective card)
ConfirmationConfirmation Email will be received
Spends period15th Feb 2023 to 15th April 2023
Eligible CustomersAnyone receiving notification from Amex via email, sms or App push notification
For detailed T&Cs of this offer, click here

The above offer I got but there are mutliple combinations of offers that people have got. Depending upon the offer email received from Amex, you are eligible for the same once you enroll.

  • Spend Rs 1 Lac to get Rs 4000 Amazon/Flipkart/Taj vouchers
  • Spend Rs 2 Lacs to get Rs 6000 Amazon/Flipkart/Taj Vouchers
  • Spend Rs 4 Lacs to get Rs 12000 Amazon/Flipkart/Taj Vouchers

How to Enroll for this offer

  1. You need to click on the ‘Enroll Now‘ button received in the communication from Amex.
  2. Enter your Card Details and submit the same.
  3. You will receive a message saying – Thank you for Opting in for the Spend offer
    • Also, an email is received confirming the same

My Take on this offer

This is another good offer from Amex. For some people its too high and it would be better for you to skip this but if you have received a spend threshold which you can achieve without overspending then this offer could work for you. My suggestion would be to try to use double dip with the ongoing Amex Insurance 2023 offer. That will help you double your benefit.
Since this offer is for 2 months spends, you may be able to triple your benefits considering you must be targetting monthly spends target of Amex MRCC and Amex Gold.

As I have mentioned in my earlier posts, Amex India has few great cards with pretty high reward rates if used correctly and this is one of those examples.

If you want to apply for Amex India cards to avail these kind of rewards but are worried by the high annual fees, then you can use my referral link for MRCC to get first year free and reduced fee

There are multiple benefits for you to apply through referral link compared to direct application and you can use the same referral link to apply for other variants as well to avail the benefits.

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