How to Maximize Amazon Pay cashback

Amazon Pay is a great way to add to your savings and do some Bachat. Anybody using the Amazon website must already be using the Amazon Pay wallet. If not, then you can check your account for Amazon Pay and create your account and can use the money stored in Amazon Pay for seamless transactions.

Previous Diwali Sale, I hit the lifetime cashback mark of Rs 60000. As you can see in the below screenshot, you can see that its Rs 62000+ now

Amazon Pay Balance Cashback

Please do note that this 62000 is direct cashback and Amazon Pay wallet does not count the money saved through instant discount offers typically running with credit cards nor the price discount offered by Amazon. So, the overall savings (Cashback + instant card discount + Amazon price discount) must be significantly more, maybe running into a couple of lacs or more. (This also means I spent a lot on Amazon).

Here in this post, I will mention about the ways in which I earned approximately Rs 60000+ as Cashback in Amazon Pay wallet over last 2 years. You may use some of these methods to increase cashback for yourself and increase your savings.

Shopping Offers on Amazon

Amazon continuously comes out with offers wherein they will ask you do some shopping on their website using any prepaid instrument (Card / UPI/ Amazon Pay balance) and if you spend X (Rs 1500) amount, you will get Y amount (Rs 200) of cashback in your Amazon Pay wallet.

For meeting this spending criteria, instead of buying each item separately,

  • I keep my list ready waiting for the offer and only do once I am able to reach spending criteria for the cashback. 
  • Carefully read T&Cs of these offers – Sometimes specifically Amazon pay is only asked for  groceries for availing cashback)

Pay Bills on Amazon

Amazon has lot of offers on paying utility bills. You may visit this link to see all recharges and bill payment available.

I pay some of my bills like telephone, cylinder, electricity bills using Amazon Pay Balance. I utilize all my cashback earned on paying bills and earn more cashback 😊

Use Amazon Pay UPI

A lot of people are using Amazon Pay but hardly use Amazon Pay UPI. Amazon Pay UPI is like another UPI handle that anyone can use by linking your mobile number and bank account using Amazon to transfer funds. The UPI handle in case of Amazon will be your mobile number followed by @apl (9XXXXX1231@apl).

You may use my referral link – (or my referral code : FA9CW3) for setting up Amazon UPI and earn additional cashback on joining

Once this Amazon UPI link is created, you can earn some cashback through below methods:

Use on Amazon

Amazon runs exclusive promotions on Amazon Pay UPI for shopping and bill payments on Amazon and with each transaction you receive some cashback or you unlock another cashback offer (through scratch cards currently).

Pro Tip: Please do note that you should only use UPI when there is explicitly mentioned that the offer is on using UPI only, otherwise better method is to use cards for transacting since you will get additional credit card reward points along with cashback.

Use for Transferring funds

Amazon Pay UPI can be used to transfer money to yourself on other accounts or to some friends. There are some cashback offers being run by Amazon for these transfers, which I use to earn some small cashback here and there.

Use for Merchant Payments

You can use Amazon Pay UPI for paying offline merchants through Scan and Pay feature and earn some cashback (or a scratchcard to get another cashback offer)

Use Amazon Pay ICICI Card

Amazon Pay has an exclusive tie-up with ICICI bank and with that they are offering Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card Life Time Free.
Amazon Pay Credit card is a great credit card option for someone who buys regularly from Amazon and is a prime member since for each purchase on Amazon you get 5% cashback. (Non Prime users get 3% cachback).
Also, on recharge/gift card purchase on Amazon, you get 2% cashback
For balance all spends, you get 1% cashback.
All this cashback will reflect in your Amazon Pay Balance.

Since I have now the SBI Cashback card offering 5% in statement for all online spends, I have reduced my spending on Amazon Pay ICICI Card and so my speed of Amazon Pay cashback will also reduce.

Buy Amazon Pay Gift Cards and other gift cards

Time to time, Amazon brings offers to buy gift cards at discount and sometimes gives additional Amazon Pay cashback during sales.

  • Amazon Pay gift cards can be added to Amazon Pay Wallet and used to make purchases in a normal way using Amazon Pay balance.
  • Other brands gift cards can be presented at offline stores (or online portals as per T&Cs) and used to buy stuff instead of using cash or card.

Since you already bought these gift cards from Amazon at a discount or availed cashback, you are purchasing the goods at a good discount compared to direct payment.

Use Amazon Pay wallet for paying on other websites

Amazon Pay runs multiple promotions with other brands which use Amazon Pay as a payment method. You can use Amazon Pay wallet to make payments on Uber/Ola, Netmeds and many other brands and they are many times running a promotion of X amount cashback if you transact some specific amount using Amazon Pay wallet.

I pay many times on Ola / Uber and other websites using Amazon Pay wallet and avail a good amount of cashback on my cab rides or other online spends.

Additional Benefits of Amazon Pay

  • Monthly Targets on Credit Cards

Since the Amazon Pay balance is eventually going to be used, the Amazon Pay can be used for achieving monthly spends on credit cards. (Need to buy gift cards now)

I sometimes used to do wallet upload to achieve my Amex membership rewards card monthly target of 4 transactions of Rs 1500 to receive 1000 bonus points.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned above, Amazon Pay is a wonderful method to save money on your shopping spends on Amazon or otherwise. Even if you do not have a credit card you may still be able to save good amount by shopping using UPI / Debit cards through smart management of your spending through Amazon Pay. But if you add credit cards to this, it does add a lot of value for you adding to your Bachat. Also, I visit Amazon through Cashkaro for additional cashback on my Amazon shopping.

There may be some more ways you are using Amazon Pay to achieve some more savings, please do reply with the same.

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Keep reading and please keep sharing…. More Bachat on the way!!!!

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