Cashkaro Review and how to earn cashback

One new loyalty program that I came across few months back was Cashkaro and I found it way better than other loyalty programs considering the amount of money received, timeliness and tracking ability compared to other loyalty websites. The best part is that there is an option that I can transfer this cashkaro cashback into my bank account directly as well.

What is Cashkaro

Cashkaro is a loyalty program that rewards its users with real money for the shopping that shoppers do by clicking the brand’s link on Cashkaro and then going to the brand website and buying the goods. This works equally well on app and website.

This is something similar to the Payback loyalty program on which I already wrote a post but I found the rewards, tracking etc better for Cashkaro.

How to Join and Use Cashkaro 

  1. You can use my referral link to join Cashkaro by clicking this link –
  2. You need to fill in basic details like your email id, phone no etc. to join and login.
  3. You need to search for a product or a brand website in search box and then click the link to go to the brand website and then buy the product as you normally do.
  4. Cashback reflects in your account in anywhere between 30 minutes to few days.
  5. Once this cashback amount reaches total value of Rs 250, you can transfer this to either your bank account / Amazon pay Balance / Flipkart Balance and use for your shopping.
Steps to earn Cashkaro
Steps to use Cashkaro and earn Cashback

Pls note the cart of the brand website should be empty before we go through cashkaro link.

Why to use Cashkaro

There are few benefits of using Cashkaro which I could not find with other websites:

  1. No Points Conversion calculations issues – rewards are shown in form of Rupees.
  2. Simple redemption: Amount can be transferred to amazon pay balance / flipkart balance and even through UPI / NEFT to your bank account.
  3. Price comparison option for different products helping you get best deals across multiple e-commerce websites.
  4. Many brands: The variety of brands and options to earn rewards is quite high. You can earn on travel bookings on MakeMyTrip & goibibo, food ordering on swiggy etc. along with shopping on Amazon & Flipkart
  5. Earning Tracking: Each click that you make from cashkaro towards other brand websites is mentioned under ‘Recent clicks’ under your account and cashback earning against each click with amount of shopping is mentioned as well.
Cashkaro helps to track each click
Cashkaro Tracking Screen using Recent Clicks


The cashkaro cashback is displayed in 3 categories:

  • Cashback / Referral Earnings can be transferred directly to the bank account through UPI/NEFT as well as Flipkart or Amazon pay balance.
  • Rewards Earnings can be redeemed only as Amazon or Flipkart gift card transferred to respective wallet balance.

Redemption is pretty simple. You can redeem once you have confirmed earnings of Rs 250 and proceed to redeem and enter your email id / phone no or UPI id depending upon the option you select. Amount is transferred to your account within an hour to 72 hours at max.

My Take on this

I have used since last 3 months and I have found this extremely beneficial. I am getting Triple benefit of Bachat (Brand offer + Card / Payment offer + Cashkaro rewards) on my shopping.

I still use other programs which I mentioned in my previous posts but this has become my primary loyalty program. For redemption, there is no major issue in transfer to Amazon Pay balance

In last 6 months, I have earned additional Cashkaro cashback rewards of approximately Rs 14000 as shown in below screenshot.

Bachatxpert's Cashkaro Earnings
My Cashkaro Earnings

If you found this post useful and want to use Cashkaro for saving money on your shopping, please use this link for joining:

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